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Blood Drive S01 [Hindi Dubbed]

  • Series Name: Blood Drive (Season 1)
  • IMDb Rating: 7.3/10 
  • Quality: 720p (HD)
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed (ORG 2.0 DD)
  • Creator: James Roland
  • Stars: Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique
  • Genres: Action | AdventureComedyHorror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Blood Drive is a 2017 American science fiction action Television Series  ,
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Blood Drive Season 1 (Hindi Dubbed) All Episodes [TV Series] :

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Blood Drive Season 1 (TV Series)
Single Episodes Link:

Episode 1 – “The F…ing Cop”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 2 – “Welcome to Pixie Swallow”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 3 – “Steel City Nightfall”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 4 – “In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 5 – “The F…ing Dead”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 6 – “Booby Traps”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 7 – “The Gentleman’s Agreement”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 8 – “A Fistful of Blood”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 9 – “The Chopsocky Special”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 10 – “Scar Tissue”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 11 – “Rise of the Primo”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 12 – “Faces of Blood Drive”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

Episode 13 – “Finish Line”

720p / GD | 480p | 1080p | Direct

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Blood Drive (Season 1) (2017) – Storyline:

Blood Drive (TV Series 2017): Grace is a street racer on the open road whose car runs on….people. Arthur is a cop trying to make a better world everyday. They get thrown together into a race, an event from Los Angeles to Phoenix which the loser losing their lives. Along the way they encounter psychos, freaks and innocents. Arthur wants to do right, but the rules don’t allow his moral code to exist. Grace finally convinces Arthur, it’s a do or die race. They must band together or forfeit their lives. Will they finish last only to die? Will Grace do anything to win? Who feeds the car next?

Blood Drive (Season 1) More Info:

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Blood Drive is set in the dystopian “distant future” of alternate 1999, after the “Great Fracking Quakes” have literally split the United States apart, with a giant ravine called “the Scar” being formed roughly along the route of the Mississippi River. A megacorporation, Heart Enterprises, exploits strange discoveries from the bottom of the Scar to become ubiquitous across American politics, society, and the economy. Meanwhile, as a result of environmental decline, water has become scarce and gasoline prohibitively expensive.

The series features Los Angeles Police Department officer Arthur Bailey (Alan Ritchson), a.k.a. “Barbie”, who is forced to partner up with Grace D’Argento (Christina Ochoa), a dangerous femme fatale who has an agenda of her own, as they take part in a death race in which the cars run on human blood – the titular Blood Drive, whose master of ceremonies, Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham), is secretly a Heart employee. As they make their way through the Blood Drive, Arthur and Grace realize that Heart has been involved in their own pasts as well.

‘Blood Drive (Season 1) 2017’: TV Review :

The only real negative when watching this show is that there are no real stakes since there are way too many fake-outs when it comes to deaths, and most characters aren’t explored enough outside of the mains to really care about. In a movie like Death Race 2000 this isn’t so bad since that is just a 2-hour long episode of Wacky Races, but this series tries to be more on occasion and as such could have done more with the characters it had since there was definitely potential there to do so. Also a lot of character choices don’t make sense and only serve to feed the plot, sometimes even big cathartic moments are shrugged off for no real reason other than to drive on the story of the latest episode. Winks and nods aside about the nature of the show, it still could have been ‘balls out’ and had more consistency and depth in the character and overall narrative. (Just pointing to a big evil corporation for all the world’s ills isn’t exactly mind-blowing)

Overall this is a really fun series and it certainly pleases those who simply want to be drenched in tits, jokes, blood and gore. Occasionally it touches on some really interesting ideas and it certainly is bold and likes to push against established narrative, however sometimes in being so full-throttle it doesn’t stop to add the depth necessary to make this a timeless masterpiece of challenging entertainment, instead it is more a self-aware death scream into the void.

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