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” Vow to survive. “

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Till Death (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Movie Name: Till Death (2021)
  • IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (WEB-DL)
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed | English (Dual Audio)
  • Director: S.K. Dale
  • Stars: Megan Fox, Eoin Macken, Callan Mulvey
  • Genres: Action | HorrorThriller
  • Free Download or Watch Online on KatMovieHD
Till Death is a 2021 American horror thriller action Film ,
Now in Hindi on KatMoviehd.sk .


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Till Death 2021 Movie – Storyline :

Emma is unhappily married to her controlling husband Mark and recently ended an affair with his employee Tom. On their anniversary, Mark gives her a necklace and takes her to the secluded lake house they used to visit. He asks for a second chance, and they make love. She wakes the next morning to discover that Mark has committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, and that she is handcuffed to his corpse.

Emma tries to call for help, but Mark had disabled the landline and her cell phone. She finds a safe in the wardrobe hidden behind her wedding dress. She finds car keys in the kitchen trash.

Emma wraps cloth around her feet and drags Mark’s body to the garage. She attempts to start the car, but the fuel tank is empty. Tom appears at the house after receiving messages from Emma’s phone, which were actually sent by Mark. After Emma recounts what happened, Tom says that the police won’t believe the truth and suggests they lie.

In the messages, Mark explains that he planned to commit suicide because the police were going to arrest him on multiple counts of tampering with evidence. Knowing that his career was over, Mark wanted to drag Emma down with him as punishment for her affair. A man named Jimmy arrives saying he was hired to fix the plumbing. Tom doesn’t believe him and pays him to leave, but Jimmy’s brother Bobby gets out of the car and kills Tom. Bobby is Emma’s former stalker, who 10 years earlier had tried to kill her. She stabbed him in the eye before he was arrested, ultimately serving 10 years in prison.

A cat-and-mouse game ensues as the two men attempt to find Emma in order to open the safe, which requires a passcode and fingerprint. Emma finds an anchor near the boat, frees herself from Mark and hides before the men arrive. It is revealed that Mark hired them to kill Emma. They search inside the house.

Emma finds a fuel can in the boat and takes it to the car, though Bobby punctures the tires. They almost find her in the basement, but she activates the car alarm as a distraction; she then hits Bobby with a golf club. She locks Jimmy in a room and attempts to escape in Tom’s car, but before she can Bobby breaks the window and drags her out. She tries to call the police, but Bobby breaks the phone and knocks her unconscious. She wakes in the bedroom, once again cuffed to Mark’s body.

Emma claims not to know the passcode, but they say that Mark told them that it is the day he proposed to Emma. Bobby threatens to cut off her toes, but Jimmy points Mark’s gun at Bobby, arguing that no one else should be hurt. Jimmy makes a deal with Emma: they will let her go if she reveals the passcode. Emma agrees, and Jimmy uncuffs her. Bobby then opens the safe with Mark’s fingerprint and the code, but finds it empty except for a saw with the message, “the diamonds you seek lay close to her heart”. They realize the diamonds are in Emma’s necklace; Jimmy attempts to remove it, but Mark had it designed to be impossible to remove without decapitating Emma.

Bobby prepares to cut Emma’s head off, but Jimmy struggles with him and Bobby accidentally impales his brother on a coat hook, killing him. Bobby then attacks Emma. He stabs her in the leg with a knife, but she grabs some nearby pliers and strikes him in the face before cuffing him to Mark’s body.

Emma starts the car as Bobby pursues, dragging Mark with him. She runs over him, causing the car to slide into the edge of the frozen lake. Emma stabs Bobby in the shoulder as the ice finally breaks. As Mark’s corpse drags Bobby into the water, Bobby pulls Emma in as well. Emma stabs Bobby’s remaining eye and swims to the surface, where she almost drowns trying to break the ice. Finally freeing herself, she lays on the surface and removes her wedding ring, which rolls into the lake.

Till Death Full Movie Review:

Emma (Megan Fox) breaks up with Tom. She’s married to controlling husband Mark. She had been brutalized in a robbery a decade earlier and hates her husband’s job as an amoral defense lawyer. He brings her to an isolated vacation home. He handcuffs her to him and shoots himself in the head. She’s stuck with his dead body.

The setup is too convoluted. The premise is that Mark had planned an elaborate scheme to set her up. It’s way too elaborate when all he has to do is to handcuff her other hand to the bed. It’s too much work for too little effect. Like Emma says, just call the cops and let them figure it out. It wouldn’t make sense that she handcuffs herself to her husband without the key and then shoot him. No cop would even arrest her with that situation plus all the clue that Mark left. So the only good reason to Mark is to trap her with a dead body until she dies. A better way to achieve that would be to tie her down. (see Gerald’s Game)